Who we are.

  • Youth Service Center is a Non Government Voluntary Organisation working for the children and young people in Orissa.It takes the side of million of children and their families deprived from their basic human rights.
  • Families are the important institutions for the children.
  • There fore youth Service center focus on children and their families in its work.
  • We prefer to partnering our selves with the national and global initiative to restore child hood and assert rights of these vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.

Mission & Vision

  • Youth Service Center dream is to see a caring, protective. Just and enabling society where every children must enjoy their child hood and dignified living.
  • Youth service center mission is to work with the children and their families, to overcome from the object of poverty, deprivation, vulnerability and empower them to negotiate for their rights.
  • We prefer to partnering our selves with the national and global initiative to restore child hood and assert rights of these vulnerable and disadvantaged children and their families.


Youth Service center as a center for Child Rights.

From the inception Youth service Center began to work with the children. Within this period it emerges as a child Rights focused organization. To promote and protect the child hood of the children, we parternering to various global and local initiative of Child rights movement. We visualize a child friendly Society where every child must enjoy their rights to child hood.

Working on Child Rights Governance

Youth Service center considerChild Rights is a Governance issue and it is the state and Its institutions must ensure every Rights for every child. Therefore we work with panchahayat,schools,institutions and other bodies to sensityse about Child rights and the obligation of their responsibilities to fulfil the rights.

Working on Right to education

We basically work with community, village education committee, parants, Teachers and with children to ensure the education of the children. Functioning of village school and delivery quality education is the major area of our concern. We further work to promote child friendly school with Community based management.

Working with Migrant children

More than two lakhs children migrate from Bolangir to out of the state and inside the state also. Many are with the families and many are also single migrant. These children are migrating basically to the brick kiln site of Andhra Pradesh and to the Costal Part of Orissa.

Working for the rights and empowerment of Person with Disability and children

Disability and poverty are closely interlinked and in rural area The situation is worst.They do not have the employment Opportunity,limited accessibility to Government programme and face discrimination in all Level. Children are out of school even if they are entitled for equal access in Right to education.Therefore orientation and empowerment of person with disabled people is one of the important area of our activities.


Campaign Against child hunger.

  • A child dies every 5-second because of hunger. Every year more than 10million children dies due to hunger and preventable diseases and it is estimated that 30,000 per days according to the report of UNICEF and World food organisation.
  • which is more than the sub-Saharan Africa In orissa malnourished children are 54.4%.
  • Orissa have high infant mortality rate of percent. The greatest promise to reduce the extreme poverty and hunger by 2015 targeted in the Millennium development Goal is still a distant dream.

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